Cleankeys Inc., based in Canada, is a world leader dedicated to providing technology-based infection prevention and infection control solutions to the healthcare industry. These solutions include commonly-touched devices such as computer keyboards that are easy to clean and disinfect. The company possesses a world-class engineering team that provides both hardware and software development, and also oversees the production its own products. Those products are marketed and sold in North America, Europe, and Asia through sophisticated sales and distribution channels developed and managed by the company.

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Board of Directors

Randy Marsden, P. Eng. Randy Marsden, P. Eng.
Dr. Alex McPherson, MD, PhD, ICD.D Dr. Alex McPherson, MD, PhD, ICD.D
Lynn Adams Lynn Adams
Chris Lumb, P.Eng. Chris Lumb, P.Eng.
Al Mondor, FCA, ICD.D Al Mondor, FCA, ICD.D
Jack Moffatt, MBA, ICD.D Jack Moffatt, MBA, ICD.D
Craig Urton, MBA (AVAC Representative) Craig Urton, MBA (AVAC Representative)

Randy Marsden Randy Marsden
Rob Froment Rob Froment
Steve Hole Steve Hole
Don McCormick Don McCormick
Tom Overgaard Tom Overgaard
Bill Meeks Bill Meeks
Dr. Sharon Barker Dr. Sharon Barker